A Collaborative Approach to Water Data Management

Columbia Basin Water Hub

This Columbia Basin Water Hub report is featured as an example of how Living Lakes Canada and local communities recently created a community-based water data collaborative and hub for the Canadian portion of the Columbia Basin. It describes a monitoring and data governance framework and water data hub to promote collaborative efforts in making critical water data readily available for the development of a basin-wide water balance approach for watershed management decisions. This document is highly relevant to Community Based Monitoring groups throughout BC and Canada, given the mounting pressures (e.g., climate change) on increased freshwater needs for functioning ecosystems and all uses, and the growing interest among local communities in participating in water monitoring as a key element in watershed management.

As a case study, this document provides an example of the value of well managed collaborative efforts in water monitoring, including finding common and complimentary purposes among communities and governments, coordinating efforts for the good of the watershed, and all those who depend on it, and contributing trusted, valuable information to planning and decision making processes at many levels.

This document is an inspiration for others to follow a similar path.

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