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Wetlands Workforce

Working to protect, restore and promote B.C.’s wetlands and watersheds The B.C. Wildlife Federation’s Wetlands Workforce project is a collaboration with conservation organizations and First Nations that deployed work-pods across British Columbia throughout 2021. Through these work-pods the project aims to improve riparian area habitat; monitor the effectiveness of wetland restoration sites; advance collaborative restoration … Read more Wetlands Workforce

Streamkeeper Database

The Streamkeepers Program was introduced by Fisheries and Oceans Canada in 1993, in an effort to support community volunteers who are interested in assessing, monitoring and improving their local waterways.  The Streamkeepers Federation was launched in 1995 to support those same efforts, as well as distribute the Streamkeepers Handbook and Modules, and to provide training, … Read more Streamkeeper Database

Skeena Knowledge Trust

The Skeena Knowledge Trust (SKT) engages with members of community conservation organizations, First Nations, and the public on how to utilize the Skeena Salmon data Centre (SSDC) and the Skeena Maps Portal (SMP) to find and share information, manage data, and produce maps.  It is the most comprehensive source of information on wild Pacific salmonids … Read more Skeena Knowledge Trust

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